Faith & Attraction


Faith is a word that people misunderstand in the context of Law Of Attraction and manifestation.

After all, we all think of faith as something to do with belief in God. This is an act of faith, which is basically a belief unsupported by any evidence other than personal experience (or cultural pressure).

Yet when people talk about manifestation as an act of faith, what they usually mean by this is that you “need” to act as though your desires have already manifested.

Neville Goddard, that great, early 20th-century philosopher and student of the (then-regarded-as-esoteric) world of manifestation and money creation put it quite clearly: “By persisting in the assumption that your desire is already fulfilled… your world inevitably conforms to your assumption.”

So when you know something has already happened, faith becomes an acceptance of “what is” rather than mere “blind faith” – because that represents more of a hope that something will happen, than a certainty it already has.

And when we try to manifest reality, as you probably know, many experts stress the need to act “as if” your desires already manifested.

(Though they always immediately give the warning that if you’re trying to manifest money, you shouldn’t behave as if millions of dollars are already sitting in your bank account! If you think about it, that’s directly contrary to the concept of faith!)

I want to emphasize that when I talk about an act of faith, I’m referring to a belief – a state of mind – which is so absolute, and so certain, that you simply know that what you want to happen is going to happen – in other words, something will manifest in physical form.

Law of Attraction
Connection with the universal energies is essential in using Law of Attraction concepts.

Gregg Braden, in his book The Divine Matrix: Bridging Time, Space, Miracles, and Belief gives a dramatic example of how he personally experienced this absolute certainty impacting physical reality in the world around him.

Video – Gregg Braden Speaking in Italy about the Divine Matrix

He was in China some years ago, where he watched a film showing the healing of a woman with a malignant, life-threatening bladder tumor. He says that Western doctors had decided the tumour was inoperable, but the Chinese had different ideas!

The clinic where the woman attended for her healing routinely used non-conventional methods of treatment. In this case, the whole demonstration was designed to prove that the power to heal is innate in every human being.

Indeed, those who were conducting the healing emphasized the point that what they were going to demonstrate could be experienced anywhere in the world, by anybody… provided, of course, that they have faith.

I’ve spoken many times of how manifestation isn’t just about materializing physical goods in the world.

Blue sky thinking shows you are open to the possibility of anything manifesting...
Blue sky thinking shows you are open to the possibility of anything manifesting…

Law of Attraction – which is the governing principle by which all manifestation is determined – allows us to manifest anything we want, whether it be material goods, spiritual well-being, better health, or a more rewarding relationship.

It follows that if we are all in connection with the universal intelligence, and the universal intelligence is a perfect substrate for the manifestation of absolutely any state of being in the world, then the same principles that allow us to manifest material goods and money can allow us to manifest perfection in our bodies.

So, as I say, Gregg Braden was in the clinic watching film of the woman being healed by “traditional” Chinese healing techniques. As he describes it, the woman was lying on a hospital trolley, fully conscious and awake, with no sedative or anesthetic – but then, why would she need such things if she was being healed by traditional energetic healing techniques, which are completely non-invasive?

As the film proceeded, the real-time image of the sonogram revealed the disappearance of the tumor within four minutes as three healers summoned up a state of being in which they experienced a sense of perfection in their own bodies, and then “transmitted” that energy into the woman with the tumour.

The healers said that although the tumor really existed, as indeed was demonstrated by the sonogram, that was only one possibility out of an infinite number of possibilities for the woman’s state of being.

By summoning up an energetic state which was a reflection of perfection, the practitioners – the healers – were able to bring into being a different physical state. What the film revealed was the tumor fluctuating between existence and non-existence for a few moments, and then, within minutes, fading and completely vanishing from the screen.

Manifestation with the law of attraction
Touching the Divine Matrix is an act of faith like no other.

So this was indeed an act of faith. Although, as I mentioned above, it also represents something more than that: it represents certainty and belief on the part of the healers that they could bring about physical change in the woman’s body.

And of course the value of seeing things like this happen in front of your own eyes is that it reinforces your faith and belief, and it can be quite inspirational in any attempt you make to manifest a different reality for yourself.

It’s fairly natural for people to be skeptical about this. But, research has demonstrated that if the patients change their lifestyle so that they’re not in a state of being which encourages ill-health, then healing of this sort lasts for more than five years in 95% of cases.

So you see that the concept of the Divine Matrix, where all things are possible and where we are actually responsible for choosing the possibilities that manifest in our lives, allows us to access a world where anything is possible.

In essence, what it means is that something we want to bring into being from “somewhere else” is essentially already “here”.

And that means whether or not something is “here” is just a matter of our perception and belief.

The concept of the Divine Matrix takes us into a philosophical place as well.

When people ask how suffering and pain can exist in the world alongside joyous ecstasy, the Divine Matrix provides an explanation: Law of Attraction, and what we can encourage, induce and pull into existence (i.e. manifest) by using its power, is unlimited.

In some sense, therefore, we are responsible for what manifests from the energetic field of the universal intelligence into the physical reality of the world around us. And the way we can control what manifests is by using our mind to bring it into being.

The interesting thing about this is the moral dimension which seems to enter into the equation. For, if we are somehow responsible for what manifests in the world, then what’s the difference between people who manifest what we perceive to be “good” and what we perceive to be “bad”?

But this question is a misunderstanding, because in the world beyond our consciousness, in the realm of the universal intelligence, there are no concepts like good and evil – as I said in another post, existence in this dimension is unlimited, and the universal intelligence can give rise to an infinite number of possibilities.

What manifests in our world as reality depends on how we think and how we use our consciousness, on our expectations, and on what we believe to be true about the world and ourselves.

Pulling Reality To You

There is no moral issue: the Law of Attraction is “above” morality as we understand it, and while manifestation is not a “mechanical” process, it is certainly mechanistic, in the sense that it responds to the instructions which are “given” to it.

I know it’s hard to accept that people who suffer may be in some way creating their own suffering. Those born into poverty deserve our compassion and understanding on a human level, not blame for creating their circumstances. So how do we overcome this paradox?

Well, I think the answer is simpler than you might imagine. Being able to manifest reality successfully requires at least a certain level of evolved consciousness – and it’s quite obvious that only a limited – indeed, a very few people – in the world possess this level of consciousness.

Those who are born into circumstances that are unfavorable, which they cannot change, are more likely to be incapable of manifesting anything better for themselves because their consciousness is not yet evolved to a level at which this sort of control is an option for them. It’s a harsh truth, but a truth nonetheless.