Law Of Attraction 1: How To Manifest Money

Let’s Start At  The Very Beginning….

Despite so much being written about Law Of Attraction, and how to get what you want, many people fail to manifest anything.

This is because they don’t do what is needed for success. They don’t follow the instructions! And that’s because of a very human characteristic – the difficulty we have focusing on and implementing change. It’s much easier to carry on living in the same old way.

Attracting reality is not difficult.
Using the Law Of Attraction is very much like holding your destiny in your hands.

And there’s something odd about that….

Because we are a privileged generation, and we all have access to the information that’s previously been kept secret by esoteric societies, magicians, sorcerers, shamans, wizards, wise men, wise women, elders, chieftains, crones and so on … Yet even though that information is available to us all, it looks like comparatively few people are using Law Of Attraction concepts and ideas successfully.

I’m guessing that because you’re here reading this, and because you’re interested enough to read this far, you are not an average person.

In fact, I believe you’re probably an exceptional person, who has a strong desire to change your life for the better, and to do it with the willing and available help the universe offers in manifesting your desires.

My question is, how much effort are you willing to put in? In fact, are you willing to do whatever it takes to change your life in the way you desire?

Consider that question carefully, because if your desire for change isn’t strong enough, nothing will happen.

Attracting money is easy with law of attraction
Looking to manifest bags of cash? Read on!

Suppose, for example, that you want what seems to be a common objective among people who set out to manifest wealth using Law Of Attraction principles: to have a million dollars in your bank account.

Now, that’s a very worthwhile objective, provided that you intend to use the money wisely, and it might even be a worthwhile objective if you intend to use the money for purely self-indulgent reasons. Why?

Well, the truth is, the universe doesn’t care about your motives, as long as you apply the laws correctly.

But if you say you want a millions dollars, do you want it enough?

Look inside yourself, and consider whether or not this statement holds any truth for you, even if it’s only the tiniest morsel of truth in the deepest corner of your mind: “money is nice, but it’s not really necessary for a happy life”.

Or how about this: “I don’t really, truly believe I can get $1 million in my bank account”.

If you feel even the tiniest, most momentary flash of recognition of some truth, do you think any Law Of Attraction process of manifestation will work for you and produce the money?

Attracting cash is easier than you think
Is your belief strong enough to produce complete certainty that you will get what you want?

The truth is simple: if you have even the slightest doubt or disbelief about what you are trying to achieve, manifestation will not work.

But the interesting thing is that this doesn’t have to be an insurmountable obstacle to getting what you want. To the extent the you able to put your disbelief to one side, or to the extent the able to replace it with something else, manifestation can be your reality too.

You just have to apply one of the techniques for overcoming limiting beliefs which I describe for you elsewhere on this website.

Now, the way The Secret has been marketed, you might think that once you adopt these principles, and learn the techniques involved, that your life is going to be sweet, delicious, and trouble-free.

But the truth is that manifestation can’t make your life free from danger, it may not help you avoid accidents, and it probably won’t help you avoid drama. Nor will it protect you from all harm.

That’s because it isn’t magic. In fact, it’s designed to  bring you, to attract, to beguile, cajole, capture and manifest your wishes and desires. If you look around you, you’ll find that even the richest, most fulfilled people have problems and struggles in their lives which they need to overcome.

Law Of Attraction
The Law of Attraction is a means of creating reality.

Of course some people would say there is no such thing as negative experience, there is simply experience, and that “good” or “bad” is only an interpretation, a meaning, that we put onto events. Perhaps that too is a universal law of creation: that we cannot avoid the negative in our existence on this planet, and the negative may even help us grow.

But most of us, living on the earthly plane, would recognize certain events as being good and certain events as bad in our lives. That may not change, but what will change is that you’ll be able to manifest the things that you desire, and those, of course, wisely chosen, can go along way towards offering you happiness and fulfillment.

So what of the techniques? Well, some time ago I came across an interesting process associated with manifestation and Law Of Attraction known as “The One Process”.

Although there are plenty of other reliable methods for manifesting a different reality around you in the world, I’m going to talk about The One Process in this section.

Captivating Reality

Attracting and inveigling your desires with The One Process has a huge advantage is that it’s easy to understand, and it can be applied in moments.

And it seems, from what I’ve heard of it and tried out for myself, that it’s reliable.

In other words, it actually works, in a way that some techniques might not. I can’t guarantee you success, but I think this process significantly increases the chance that you will get what you want.

The author of the book in which The One Process is explained, Michael Ellington (his book is called “Manifest Like The Rich”) introduces his ideas with the following words: “If The Secret worked you’d be wealthy already.” And “Discover the mysterious process that brings you anything you want in minutes.”

At first sight, it looks like Michael himself is falling into the same trap as The Secret: offering a route to instant success with little effort. So let’s find out what’s going on, shall we?

Manifest Like The Rich is a short and simple book, which doesn’t contain much in the way of theory. In fact, it contains all you need to know about manifestation in about 80 short pages.

There’s no workshop upsell, there are no audio recordings or DVDs, there is no endless routine of visualization and meditation… Thank God.

But, you know, perhaps in some way that reflects a deep-seated belief in our culture that something worth manifesting, something mysterious and challenging, can only be successfully obtained through hard work.

But what if Michael Ellington has the right idea here? What if anything you actually need can be obtained with just a simple process, one which you can use instantly whenever you want?

I mean, if this works, you should be able to use it straightaway, and manifest something that demonstrates the truth and reality of the ideas behind The One Process.

Another interesting thing about this book is that there aren’t any case histories or stories of personal success, which often serve to reinforce people’s belief, and generate a level of energy and excitement which is unsustainable. It’s take it or leave it time!

You can decide which of those is right for you here!

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