LoA 2: How It Works (Did The Secret Reveal All?)

Make Law Of Creation & Attraction Work!


What would it be like, do you think, to have access to a technique which can attract anything you want, and which will work more easily than anything else in the world of manifestation?

Well, that’s the claim made by Michael Ellington in his book Manifest Like The Rich: “All you need to do is apply the technique. Be skeptical as you want, but apply the technique every day and see what happens. The only thing that can prevent you from being successful is laziness.”

You Don’t Even Need To Believe In The Secret!

What if there were a way of manifesting whatever you wanted without struggle, without difficulty, and without you even having to believe in the power of Law Of Attraction?

Yes: that’s the claim made by Michael Ellington. He also suggests you can quickly get enough evidence – by which he means success in manifesting – to prove that the Law Of Attraction is true.

In the meantime, you can pretend that you believe – you can pretend you have faith. You can act as if the technique works. And, if you do that, it will work. Wow! Big claims indeed.

These are amazing claims, really. The essence of his argument is that the universe doesn’t care whether you believe something or not – Ellington says that the only thing which matters is that you act as though you believe it to be true.

This is revolutionary, because it’s turning the conventional wisdom about manifestation and Law Of Attraction on its head.

Even after years of study, I thought that you had to believe in the process for it to work.

So, as you can imagine, I’m as interested in this revolutionary approach as you are:  the idea that the universe doesn’t care whether you believe or not. The idea that all you have to do is act as if you believe.

Video – attracting things to you without “attracting” them!

The Real Secret?

The interesting thing about The Secret (Rhonda Byrne’s work) is that it doesn’t actually contain any secrets at all.

But of course it has a very compelling title, one which no doubt was responsible for sales of millions of copies of the book.

If there were a Secret, it’s this: the Law Of Attraction, or the Law Of Creation, as you choose, make it clear that “thoughts become things”.

And obviously, as I’ve already observed, this is clearly true on one level – everything in your life is the product of some kind of thought process.

But as we know, that’s not really what people mean when they talk about Laws Of Creation – they’re talking about something better described as “conscious creation”.

Alluring prospects?

For lots of people, failure is routine.

No matter how many books they read, no matter how many workshops they attend, they simply can’t get Laws of Attraction to work for them. Or at least they can, but only a trivial level – like manifesting a parking space or a little bit of extra money here and there.

alluring a parking space
Does manifesting a parking space herald the approach to greater things? Or is it just a distraction?

So what then, is the real secret of manifestation? Because clearly, the Law Of Attraction as described in The Secret isn’t the whole story.

Perhaps there is another way of representing manifestation.

Steps In Manifesting Reality

The first step is always to decide exactly what you want.

Without clarity about what you’re trying to achieve, you’re not likely to achieve anything. I think that’s pretty obvious.

Second: what might be less obvious is the fact that you really need the power of desire (which just means to want something fervently) working to get you your chosen outcome. You need total passion.

This isn’t something you can be indifferent about; it can’t be something you are ambivalent about. Like being either pregnant or not pregnant, there’s no halfway house.

Either you want something or you don’t. And if you want it, you have to want it passionately, with all of your soul. Half-heartedness  will not do. Insipid desire means you don’t really want something.

Third: you have to believe that it will happen, or at least, according to “The One Process”, you have to act as though you believe that it will happen, act as if your desire will manifest. Give it time!

Fourth: you have to expect that your desired outcome will manifest. This isn’t quite the same as believing that it will happen. The difference is something like this: I believe a man can go to the moon, but even though I am a man, I don’t expect to go there myself.

Manifesting money and attracting reality.
Gratitude seems to be important in manifesting anything with the One Process.

Fifth: you need to express gratitude and positive appreciation for your current situation and for the manifestation you have set in motion. Gratitude seems to be a key to success.

Sixth: you need to act as though your desire has already manifested.

And if that short program really makes your dreams manifest, then you will  never need to buy another self-help book, course, or workshop again!

But can it really be that simple?

Maybe not. Even if those six ideas are the essence of what you need for success, they don’t offer a method of manifestation, a way to use them.

Moreover, gratitude can sometimes be hard to feel, being patient for your desire to manifest can be difficult, and believing consistently in the reality of what you’re doing, or even just acting “as if” it’s already in your life, can be even more challenging.

And for many people the simple summary steps given above will seem absurdly optimistic, perhaps even foolish.

As I observed before, we are all accustomed to detailed steps in any process, lots of information, and perhaps also we assume that unless something looks difficult and challenging and complicated, it can’t possibly work.

After all, isn’t success underpinned by hard work?! (Now that could be a very faulty belief limiting what you achieve in life….)

But Michael Ellington makes an interesting observation which suggests that hard work and complexity are not required for success and achievement.

Look around you, at all the successful people you know.

Do they spend most of their time going to seminars and workshops on how to manifest success?

Or do they live the life they want, enjoying every moment to the full, and feeling grateful for their good fortune?

A personal observation I’ve made while watching successful people over many years is that most of them have a high level of self-confidence. Or at least, they have a high level of self belief which, I admit, isn’t quite the same thing.

Explaining the Law of Attraction principles
Isn’t it time for you to succeed in attracting what you want? To give up failure?

They believe they will be successful, they believe they can manifest whatever they want and above all, they believe their desires will come to them.

Is this because they’ve been successful so often in the past that to believe in success is just natural for them? Or is it that they started out somehow believing in their ability to get what they want? Or a combination of both? Who knows?

But nonetheless, that level of self belief and self-assurance – call it certainty – about getting what they want is a key factor in their success.

But because you may not be able to get yourself into that state of mind, The One Process may seem even more appealing. As you might recall, The One Process doesn’t require you necessarily to believe, but merely to act as if you believe.

What a blessing. Perhaps the usual principles outlined by Law Of Attraction gurus don’t work for most people?

Read more about The One Process here.

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