Law Of Attraction 3: The One Process

The Real Secret of Manifestation?

Michael Ellington claims The One Process can get you money, help you win things, meet the people you want to meet – in fact, he claims it can give you anything you want.

And he claims it will give these things to you faster and more effectively than anything else around.

Get what you want with the Law of Attraction

Get what you want with the Law of Attraction!

Long periods of meditation, long periods of visualization, repeating certain formula over and over again….

Which is more attractive? That, or the claim made for The One Process, namely, it works faster and more effectively than anything else around?

Let’s put cynicism and skepticism aside. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, so let’s see what The Secret behind The One Process actually is.

Attraction & Manifestation Simplified

The essence of all other works about manifestation, no matter where or when or by whom they were written, is this: you have to visualize your desired outcome, you have to believe and expect that it will come to you, and you have to take action of some kind.

And the emphasis is always on visualizing your desired outcome with feelings of appreciation, expectation and excitement, while remaining free of all doubt and disbelief.

A Quick Way To Use Law of Attraction Techniques?

The One Process simply says that any strong feeling will activate the process of manifestation.

As long as your emotion is intense, the energy and power of that emotion will cause anything you want to manifest in the fastest possible time.

To repeat: all you need is intense emotional energy of any kind to drive the process of manifestation.

You might find this hard to believe.

You’ll recall that belief is generally said to be a critical factor in making manifestation happen, so I suggest you find things that you can believe in anyway, regardless of the claims of The One Process!

That way your goals will be right enough for you to be able to sustain your belief while you learn how magnificent and powerful you truly are!

In other words, choose something you need to manifest right here, right now, not what you need to manifest next year.

Michael Ellington sums it up like this: if you’re hungry, manifest a meal. If you’re in debt, manifest money to pay off your debts. After that, you can work on being a millionaire.

I’d say, manifest something you can believe you can get. Then, use this as proof of your power to manifest. Then move on to something a bit bigger. And when you feel you can believe in it, go for the million dollars….

So what he’s saying here is – this isn’t about limiting your dreams, it’s about working in stages.

Ellington’s qualifications and experience in using the Law Of Attraction are impeccable: he went from virtual poverty to making a million-dollar deal in less than a year using the Law of Attraction techniques that he talks about in his book.

And at the same time he is realistic about what can be achieved using these techniques.

So suppose, for example, that you want a new car: you’ve probably been in this situation, at least in some way – if not wanting a car, certainly wanting something else that you thought would improve the quality of your life. But for now, let’s stick with the car!

So. Every time you think about the car, using the recommended technique of enthusiasm, joy and happiness, and visualizing it “as if” is already in your life – well, you know what tends to happen…. you worry about the cost, or how you’re going to get it, or you suddenly find that you’re not believing it’s going to happen, or somehow it just doesn’t seem right, or maybe it just doesn’t seem important enough. Or something. These are your doubts & uncertainties at work.

Law of attraction quotes
Gratitude is an important factor in making Law of Attraction quotes work

Gratitude seems to be important in engaging the Law of Attraction – at least in conventional thinking!

According to conventional wisdom, with any of these objections in mind, it wouldn’t matter how hard you visualized it, or how much time you spent doing so.

Rather, while you have these doubtful thoughts in your mind, your objective simply isn’t going to appear in your life.  Law of Attraction won’t work – or at least, that’s what we are told.

And indeed, as Ellington observes, the techniques that are generally taught in books about using Law Of Attraction techniques on how to get what you want will actually fail you at this point.

But The One Process approach as described by Michael Ellington would go as follows: you think about the car, without even having to visualize it. You just think about it, you think about why you want it, and at the same time you think about something else that makes you feel good (Ellington gives, as an example, the thought of a day out with your friend).

And then you picture it coming into your life. And then you feel gratitude. That’s all.

Video: The conventional steps in attracting what you want

Can The Secret Of Manifestation Be So Simple?

It seems incredible, and yet when you think about it, the essence of the process of manifestation is included in this description:

You set out your intention (to have, say, a new car), and you fuel the process with intense emotional energy (the delight you feel around the prospect of seeing that car in your driveway, or something else), you feel gratitude for it coming into your life, and you relinquish your intention to the universe.

As Ellington observes, you don’t need to worry about how the car is going to manifest, or how you’re going to get it, because simply by taking those steps,  it will be with you sooner than you can imagine.

And here too, he’s on the right track – don’t worry about the “cursed hows” of manifestation. Simply let the universe provide in whatever way it is going to.

Even so, I have a few comments about The One Process.

First of all, it seems too simple to be true. But maybe we are all “programmed” to believe that getting what we want has to be difficult. Or complicated. Or require study.

And if you think about that, at the root of that belief is probably another belief we’re all programmed with, something like “you have to work hard to be successful” or “you can only expect success if you work hard at it”.

In fact there’s no reason why manifestation should be a difficult process as long as you’re fulfilling the conditions that the universal Law of Attraction requires to make it happen.

So are the conditions for manifestation which Ellington describes sufficient to activate the Law of Attraction? Well, yes and no.

The ambivalence of that answer reflects the fact that although he sets out a process that really does work, there’s a lot more to be said about it…

For example, what of belief? The conventional wisdom is that 100% complete belief in your objective is essential before it will manifest. In The One Process belief isn’t even mentioned! Does it therefore no longer matter, you might ask, whether I believe in the possibility of obtaining my objective or not?

That’s certainly the implication of Ellington’s method.

And he might be right: it’s hard to say.

Think about it. Even the statement that “you have to believe completely in the reality of your desired outcome for the law of attraction to work” might itself only be a particular belief system, and it might not be true.

The thing is, if you believe the statement “you have to believe completely in the reality of your desired outcome for the law of attraction to work” really is one of the preconditions for manifestation then it probably will be.

After all, we’re talking about manifesting your reality here, so it’s quite likely that what you believe about the process of manifestation really does impact how it operates!

The corollary of that, of course, would be that if you believe “it isn’t necessary to believe with a hundred percent certainty in your desired outcome manifesting before it will appear”, then that could be true for you as well.

Perhaps the only way to discover what’s true for you is to actually get out there and try it for yourself. After all, results speak louder than theory.

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