LoA 4 – More About “The One Process”

The One Process – Key To Manifestation?

Michael Ellington also makes the point that “any feeling will do”  when you are trying to manifest by using Law Of Attraction in your life.

Attracting A New Reality

And here I completely agree with him: emotion is the driving force, the fuel behind manifestation, the energy that makes the universe respond to your wishes.

Indeed, my experience tells me it doesn’t matter what kind of energy that is, as long as it’s focused, intense, powerful.

Manifesting money and attracting reality.
All you need to attract what you want is clear intention and some powerful emotional energy… apparently…

Now, you may have read one book after another on manifestation, getting what you want, and success, all of which state that to make Law of Attraction really work in your life, you need to “feel good” about the desired outcome, feel joy about the “future present*” image of having your desired outcome in your life, and feel gratitude for it being in your life. That way, it seems, you can manifest things successfully.

Michael Ellington’s secret, that’s to say the secret of The One Process, is that you merely need to think about your desire, and feel something else strongly, and the desire will manifest in your life quickly and easily.

Bring New Realities Into Your Life!

This certainly turns thinking on its head, yet it’s entirely possible this is true. After all, as I’ve said many times, the universe isn’t capricious, and it seems to be programmed to give us what we want – as long as we can find the key which switches on the “manifestation program” in the universal computer.

So I suggest you don’t dismiss this idea just because it seems too simple.

In fact Michael encourages us to feel grateful for its simplicity.

And of course one of the great advantages of this simplicity is that it only takes a few minutes every day.

Law Of Attraction
We are all part of a bigger whole – which is why you can attract reality

As I’ve said, I’ve experienced manifestation in a similar way, just by thinking about something and feeling intense emotion. So I know this process works!

For me, the question isn’t so much as to whether it works or not, it’s more about how this form of manifestation fits in with the more conventional description of the techniques needed to manifest, which, as you may recall, are – desire, belief, expectancy, action using visualization, goal setting, and feeling gratitude for the outcome even before it’s physically manifested.

Perhaps the truth of the matter is that these ideas aren’t that different. After all, everything that is contained in The One Process is also involved in the more conventional techniques of manifestation.

Engaging What You Want:
Make It Work!

Human nature being what it is, a lot of people will have questions and doubts about this process. However, all you need to do is try it. That way, you’ll find out if it works.

One of the people to whom I recommended this idea immediately asked, “Sure, but how can I conjure up such intense feelings?”

The answer is “very simply”.  Just remember some time you felt an intense feeling, or think of something that actually gives you an intense feeling right now!

Energy of attraction.
Anger can work just as well as gratitude when you are trying to manifest something.

I’ve often used anger to drive the process – which is very interesting, because most people recommend you should use positive feelings. My experience makes me think any intense emotion will do, including anger.

Remember, it’s a mistake to label feelings as “positive or negative”, “good or bad”: the simplest, they are just feelings, at least in the universe’s eyes! They carry energy and will all drive Law of Attraction and manifestation.

However, feelings like boredom and depression won’t work very well because they don’t have much energy in them.

What you need to watch out for is that when you use anger to drive Law Of Attraction and the process of manifestation, you might just reinforce a pattern of feeling angry in yourself.

Even so, anger is an intense emotion, and it can be useful in driving this process. That’s my experience.

To make things manifest quickly and easily, you can also use feelings associated with any other event in your life to drive manifestation.

Ellington gives the example of the joy and happiness that he felt when Lewis Hamilton (a racing driver) won a Formula One race: he said that the emotions he felt had him jumping up and down for days!

So that was a source of intense emotion for him, which he used to drive the process of manifestation.

It doesn’t particularly matter what he was trying to manifest. The point is this: all he did was to think about what he wanted, in a very clear and precise way, and as he did so, or afterwards, he felt the emotion he felt when Lewis Hamilton won his Formula One victory.

This technique link very different events: one is the feeling, and one is the desired outcome.

This takes less than a couple of minutes, it’s very quick, and it’s very easy, certainly once you’ve learned how to hold these two different things in your mind.

Video – Law Of Attraction

Knowing You’ve Attracted What You Want

One of the interesting things that Michael Ellington also mentions is the “moment of knowing”.

He’s right about that – it’s an amazing moment, one you will come to recognize when you’re successfully using Law Of Attraction.

It’s a moment of absolute certainty, a moment when you literally know for sure that the universe has heard your request, and that your message about what you want has got through to the higher power.

You just know when it happens, when you’ve done enough.

Unless you have experienced this, you may not get the idea. It’s hard to describe in any other way than the way I’ve already described it, as “a moment of knowing”.

I also recognize something else that Michael said as very familiar from my own experience: every time manifestation works successfully he feels a little “whoosh of excitement that borders on disbelief” and then he feels a sense of gratitude that “Yes, of course! This thing works.”

Absolutely! He has described my experience very accurately: he’s certainly on to something here. And he also mentions the need to linger over the which goes with the experience of thinking “Wow, it works!” Feeling intense gratitude and happiness about how this amazing process can bring you what you want is essential to maintain your belief!

And also, I think, to maintain your access to the universal program of manifestation. In other words, “use it or lose it”!

More in the next post.

* Future present? In other words, you see things in your imagination as if those desired outcomes were in your life now.

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