How You Can Create and Manifest Your Reality

The Power of the Mind: Create Your Own Reality

People who want to know how to use Law of Attraction often ask: “How on earth can we possibly affect the form of reality in the physical world by using the power of our minds?”

In many ways I don’t think it’s necessary to go into deep scientific explanations and theories of things about we can’t possibly understand within the parameters of current scientific knowledge.

But …. I know many people who want to use Law of Attraction to change their reality are fascinated by the hints that quantum physics gives us into the way in which matter and energy – specifically thought energy – might be able to interact.

So for the people who really want to pursue this aspect of manifestation (because when all’s said and done I’d rather just get on with learning the techniques that make things happen in the world), I’d recommend a book called The Divine Matrix – Bridging Time, Space, Miracles and Belief by Gregg Braden.

This book is a powerful attempt to take modern knowledge and come up with a theory as to how thought and matter interact – specifically around how thought can influence the form of matter in the physical world.

I’d say it’s a “brave” attempt to change – or extend – current thinking, but it’s only “brave” in the sense that he is defying his contemporaries and peers who resort to the mechanistic explanations of current scientific thinking, and then conclude that what we know to be true – power of manifestation – cannot possibly be a reality!

Video – Greg Braden Speaks

Be A Visionary

In all fields of human knowledge, including manifestation, it has always taken visionaries, psychics and mystics, who are well ahead of science (at least in terms of their experience of the world), to offer us some suggestions about how the law of attraction can influence our reality.

Change Anywhere Means Change Everywhere

I take this subheading from Chapter 4 of Gregg Braden’s book, in which talks about how a small alteration in a number of places can cause everything to shift. Indeed, he goes so far as to say “a small alteration in one place can permanently shift an entire paradigm”.

What he means by this was expressed by Ervin Laszlo, who said “…all that happens in one place happens also in other places; all that happened one time happens also at times after that. Nothing is local, limited to where or when it is happening.”

The basic thesis behind this viewpoint of the universe is that it’s in some way functioning like a hologram.

You might already know that a hologram contains the entire image of the hologram in every part of hologram. In effect this means the original image is everywhere at the same time, and any change made to a single segment of the hologram will be reflected everywhere throughout the pattern.

The importance of this phenomenon is that it’s the subtle power of the hologram which offers us a model for The Law of Attraction. Leverage can make tremendous change on a large scale by altering the pattern in only one place.

The universality of the holographic principle is demonstrated by the remarkable fact that even the human brain appears to operate in a similar way to a hologram.

To quote Gregg, “… We are part of a much greater system of many realities, within realities, in other realities. In this system, our world could be considered a shadow or a projection of events that are happening in a deeper, underlying reality. What we see as our universe is really us – our individual and collective minds – transforming the possibilities of the deeper realms into physical reality. This radically new way of viewing ourselves and the universe gives nothing less than direct access to every possibility that we could ever wish (or pray) for, dream, or imagine.”

And that is manifestation. That is how Law of Attraction operates.

But what does this mean in practice?

Law of Attraction
The Divine Matrix Suggests We Are ALL Connected

Gregg Braden came up with the term “The Divine Matrix” to encompass the concept that we might be living in a world which is a universally connected hologram, where we are limited only by our beliefs.

If it’s true that our brains do indeed function as holographic information processors, then how about considering the possibility that we have a collective mind – as proposed so long ago by Carl Jung – which can also function as a holographic machine?

Imagine the power this would give us: if each of the 8 billion human minds which inhabit planet Earth are part of a single larger awareness, and if every mind contains the pattern of the whole consciousness of those people, then each of us has direct access to the entire pattern.

And that means each of us would have the power to change the entire hologram of our world. Each of us has access to – and ability to use – the Law Of Attraction.

(I’m limited by space here – I can’t give all the evidence Gregg Braden presents in his book, nor indeed his reasoning for this conclusion. If you want to know more, I highly recommend you buy his book. But for the sake of this website, and this summary of his ideas, please take it as read that this is one possibility which might explain manifestation.)

And, you may say, what evidence is there to support this?

All kinds.

Law of attraction and The Secret
The Secret of Manifestation may not be so secret after all.

Let’s start here. You might have noticed, when you’re in a group of people sharing a common experience – particularly in emotional experience  – that there’s an energy field which develops and goes beyond physical presence and verbal communication.

It looks, and according to Gregg Braden’s theory, indeed it is, as if inner experiences are being carried beyond the physical boundaries of every individual’s brain and body in a way that is not restricted by the laws of physics.

If you’ve experienced this energetic field, you’ll know precisely what I mean.

Another example, perhaps slightly more tangible, and backed by some degree of research, is the effect that transcendental meditation – otherwise known as TM – can have on large populations.

The TM community have conducted many studies in which they’ve investigated the effect of harmonized meditation by as few as 1% of the population.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who founded the School of Transcendental Meditation, suggested that when as few as 1% of the population in an area use specific meditation techniques to create inner peace, those experiences are mirrored in the world around them.

That proves how we can all access the universal energy matrix responsible for producing what seems like our miraculous ability to attract things and people and events into our world!

Indeed, researchers have since demonstrated that cities where 1% of the population are practicing these methods of meditation show a reduction in violence and aggression.

Even more exciting – further research has demonstrated that only a tiny percentage of the population need be meditating together at the same time (and experiencing inner peace) for the impact to move beyond them into the world at large. This is of course another universal law, though I don’t think it has a name!

(For the scientifically minded, the precise number is the square root of 1% of the population.)

Now although this may seem far-fetched, and slightly outlandish, and perhaps even slightly remote from our understanding of how to use the Law of Attraction to manifest what we want, there are profound implications for each and every one of us who is trying to manifest reality.

To start with, what Gregg Braden calls “many wisdom traditions” emphasize the importance of each individual to the whole.

Indeed, in one of Jesus’parables, he spoke of the power of a small number of people acting together: “In truth, if your faith is the size of a mustard seed you will say to this mountain ‘Move from here to there’ and it will move; nothing will be impossible for you”.

Which brings us on to another interesting possibility – the influence of faith in manifestation. And that, dear friends, will be the subject of our next post.