The Law of Attraction Is Real!

One of the best ways to believe Law of Attraction works (as indeed it does!) is to read the success stories which people have posted on the Internet.

There’s a fabulous success story posted by Phil Drolet on his blog the feel good lifestyle.

Rather amusingly, he begins by saying that one year ago you wouldn’t have caught him dead writing a blog post about the Law of Attraction.

But like all things mysterious and metaphysical, the law of attraction has a way of catching up with people who think they’ll never be impacted by it.

In this case, Phil seemed to think these concepts of attraction, co-creation and manifestation were “way too abstract”, and not grounded in any sort of science. These are really common objections, I might add, from people who are rational and logical in their approach to life.

And indeed, he goes so far as to say that he actually thought the LoA was a hoax which was used to scam lazy people!

And now of course he’s had some crazy experiences and he’s had no choice but to “change my mind”. In fact, he says, “I’ve been converted into a believer!”

Belief Comes From Your Own Success

Well, there’s nothing more powerful to make you believe than personal experience! 

Because simply being told by other people about these things tends not to convince anyone of anything – we all have to learn by our own experience. It seems that that’s the way the human brain is programmed to operate for some reason.

Anyway in Phil’s case, he was actually on vacation and rather relaxed – so he was probably working in a right brain activity sphere – and as we all know, that’s the area of creativity rather than logic!

He was on holiday, and went to see a friend of his mother’s who’d introduced him to Dr Wayne Dyer – who had become, as he says, a large influence in his life.

The first happenstance was that his mother’s friend had ordered a book from Wayne Dyer about manifestation – and the company had sent two copies by mistake. She gave the extra copy to Phil.

This was in fact, believe it or not, Wayne Dyer’s book Wishes Fulfilled: Mastering the Art of Manifesting. You could hardly have a more obvious symbol from the universe than this, could you?

Anyway, he starts reading this, and he begins using a six CD set of a talk Wayne Dyer had given about the art of manifesting… And as he says, he had a sense that something special was going to happen.

In fact, he picked up the book and read from its back some quotes about mastery of the art of “Realizing all your desires…. The greatest gift you have been given is the gift of your imagination. Everything that now exists was once imagined. And everything that will ever exist must first be imagined.”

So that was a pretty compelling start to his individual journey of discovery of the Law Of Attraction and co-creation!

In fact it was apparently Phil’s deep respect for Wayne Dyer’s work which made him decide that he could actually withstand the “challenge” of exploring something so off the wall.

And, as often happens, he started exploring it and… nothing happened.

This is really quite common with people who start out using law of attraction techniques – it’s almost like the universe is testing you, seeing if it can take you just that little bit further into your doubt before it allows you to experience something that confirms your belief.

Anyway, Phil carried on using the techniques and then found a reader actually contacted him, telling him to check out an audio program called Your Wish Is Your Command.

Coincidence Attracts Belief and Brings Understanding

You see how things begin to happen – coincidences begin to occur, as so many people report when they achieve success with the Law of attraction: that is how it goes.

This program turned out to be a 13 CD set of practical strategies for applying the law of attraction – so Phil loaded them onto his iPhone and started to listen to them. He went through the whole set twice listening to one CD every day, and implementing whatever he could.

And then things really got spooky: applying all the techniques that he’d learned, he set out his intention to attract 40 people to an online course that he developed – long story short, at the moment when applications closed he had exactly 40 applications for the program.

It went on from there. One of things that people often think is that it’s “just coincidence”.

Maybe it is, and maybe that’s a good word to use for what’s happening when you achieve success in manifestation.

But in any event, the next thing that happened was truly amazing: on the plane home from seminar, Phil decided that he was going to lead his own entrepreneurial development seminar.

He had no idea how he was going to do it, but three days later, after using Law of Attraction techniques to “make it come true”, he got a phone call from his buddy, who offered him a partnership in developing a new course.

You can imagine how things went from here – more and more events which would clearly show the process of manifestation at work. Read about it all on Phil’s blog and see if you can doubt!