Manifesting Love

One of the questions people repeatedly ask is whether or not Law of Attraction can be used to manifest a loving relationship with soulmate.

The answer is “yes”. But, like everything else in the world of manifestation, you need to know how to go about getting your objective, your desired outcome.

Incidentally, “soulmate” is an interesting term – I think in popular usage we use it to mean a partner who is loving, lovable, with whom we can connect, and who can make us happy.

But would a soulmate do just those things?

Or could the term really mean a  partner who can challenge us, help us grow, and help us develop into the human being we were always meant to be?

In other words, are you willing to take the challenge of finding a soulmate, even if it means finding someone who can challenge you, who can show you your sensitive and tender areas where you need to grow, and who will support you in a relationship which spans the whole gamut of human emotion?

Of course that’s what you mean! Otherwise you wouldn’t be enquiring about how to use Law of Attraction techniques to find a soulmate!

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So let’s look at the techniques and information that might be helpful to you in finding that lovely other….

The basis of Law of Attraction concepts is simple: you attract to yourself people, events, worldly experiences, and spiritual experiences, which are energetically similar to your state of being, your vibration, your level of conscious evolution, and your emotional state.

So, it is no accident that people talk about using gratitude as a catalyst for manifestation: if you’re grateful for love, and you’re grateful for money, and you’re grateful for abundance, and you’re grateful for health, then you WILL attract more of those things into your life.

But when you focus on the lack of these things, you send out mixed messages to the universe about your expectations.

You may believe it is not possible for you to meet a soulmate, or for somebody to fall deeply in love with you, and therefore your belief and your expectations about the possibility of meeting a soulmate are contrary to your stated intention and your desired outcome.

But because you’re trying to manifest,  you might find you manifest a partner who clearly isn’t a soulmate, and on the face of it who looks like a dreadful mistake. Some kind of universal joke, maybe?

But the universe doesn’t make jokes like this!

What manifests for you is directly in line with your real intentions. You think you got the wrong person? Maybe not. Maybe this person is a stepping stone and can help you learn something important…..

Or perhaps your real intention was to heal your heart from previous wounds, so you come to know that you can be loved, that you are lovable.

In other words, maybe the person who manifests for you isn’t a soulmate for life; maybe they are someone who can show you that you really are lovable, because when you know that,  you will then be able to move on and find your true soulmate.

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Detail? Attachment? Manifestation?

Many people will say that if you want to have a positive outcome when manifesting (or “co-creating”, along with the universe), your desired outcome, then you need to start living “as if”.

This seems to mean you must live as though your life already contains the things you’re trying to manifest.

In other words you find ways of showing yourself that you are certain your soulmate is going to enter your life sometime very soon.

Puzzled? Well, what might that mean in practice? It might mean planning how you arrange the bedroom for the storage of their clothes. It might mean clearing a closet and making space, both physically and emotionally, for a partner to move in with you.

It might mean planning the kind of events that you’d go and see together, or visualizing what it will be like when your soulmate has arrived in your life, and then adapting how you live accordingly.

Many authors will tell you that you must summon up an image of the exact appearance of your soulmate.

But the more specific you make your list, the less likely you are to find somebody who fulfils all those criteria. If you rigidly stick to visualizing the detailed image, you may find you don’t succeed at all. Then comes tragedy! You lose your belief in the process of manifestation, and give up.

Mike Dooley has an interesting take on this, for he says you need to do is visualize the qualities of the person, such as their loving nature, their ability to lead you to a place of joy and happiness, as well as the gratitude you will feel when they arrive in your life, and the good times that you will share.

His point is this:  the more attached you are to specific details, the less likely the universe’s chance of manifesting them.

What you can do instead is to visualize qualities that your soulmate could have – love, joy, acceptance, respect, similar moral values and qualities, and so on.

In this way, you can manifest someone in your life no matter what they look like.

To put it differently: attaching your expectations and desired outcomes to specific details may work from time to time, but generally it seems to render the process of manifestation unreliable, or at least inconsistent.

Here’s an example from Deepak Chopra’s blog  about how this can work. It’s about a woman called Gayle, who was seeking her soulmate.

“Gayle …. was advised by her astrologer to put her intentions for a soul mate into the world … She asked for things like: finding the perfect spiritual friend and lover to go through life with; a man who is kind to animals; someone who would appreciate her sense of humor; a man who would be accepting and open to her spiritual quest….. Within weeks of doing this she met her soul mate and they have now been married for more than twenty years.”

Let’s now examine the meaning of living “as if” your desired outcome has already arrived in your life.

This technique is about stepping “outside” of your current reality, and stepping into a different reality – the one in which you really want to live.

In other words, you make (or attempt to make) everything you do, every day, congruent with your belief that your soulmate exists and in fact is about to manifest in your life.

While you might feel ridiculous laying a table for two every night for dinner, you may still find that doing so with the conviction that your partner is already in your life makes the universe bring about your desired outcome very quickly!

 This technique depends on a phenomenon called cognitive dissonance: when there is a discrepancy between what you believe to be true in your mind, and the appearance of your everyday world, the mind goes rapidly to work to bring the two into line.

And as far as the manifestation of love by using Law of Attraction is concerned, what that means is simple: what your mind can conceive and believe, you can manifest in reality more easily than you ever imagined possible.