Manifesting Money Successfully – 2

Bill Gates never doubted he would be rich.

And that certainty is absolutely in keeping with the way in which people accumulate money: they have absolute certainty that they are worthwhile, that they deserve to be rich, that they are worthy of being rich.

They have absolute certainty that they can accumulate vast quantities of money.

Indeed, for very wealthy people like Richard Branson and Bill Gates, the possibility that they might never have money or they might ever experience lack is simply inconceivable.

The Law of Attraction simply works for them without them even thinking about it. That’s because they have a mindset of abundance and wealth.

Attracting money is easy with law of attraction
Looking to manifest bags of cash? Read on!

If you think in terms of lack, you MUST do something to change your own attitude to money.

But this is more profound than the banal advice you sometimes see – such as “go to the stores which have the products you want and handle them”, or “go to open house sales in the neighborhoods where you would like to live”. 

You could do that till the end of time and I don’t think it would change anything.

I mean, do YOU believe that doing such things will help YOU believe you can generate and accumulate wealth? No. I doubt it.

The fundamental changes you need to bring about concern your deepest beliefs and attitudes towards money, and everything it can bring into your life.

You really have to believe you’re worthwhile, and you really have to believe you can manifest money.

You really have to believe you can live an abundant life.

And of course more than anything you have to believe that you can create your reality with law of attraction principles.

There’s no point trying to get around or away from this.

No matter how uncomfortable it may be, the fact is, your perception of your worth is absolutely going to determine how wealthy or abundant your life is.

Dream big and the law of attraction will provide
Dream big and success will be yours!

To the extent that you can change the beliefs you hold around money, you can be wealthy.

To the extent that you hold onto beliefs about poverty and poverty consciousness and lack, you will remain poor.

Video – releasing issues around attracting money

Now , one thing that didn’t occur to me until I saw this video is that there’s an issue of shame attached to money for some people. (SEE VIDEO ABOVE.)

This is a fascinating idea because the notion that money could represent shame and be handed down from parents to children is not something I understand.

I grew up in a house where there was a real poverty consciousness, and lack (of money, wealth, prosperity) was seen as normal, but the driving force behind this belief system was much more akin to the idea that the “the poor are virtuous”.

To believe that money is inherently something shameful, or that abundant wealth is shameful, is a belief system which appears to me to be derived from an association between evildoers and wealthy people.

Attracting money is easy with law of attraction
Do you believe money is the root of all evil?

Get that one out of your head! There is no connection between money and shame other than the one you put on it.

What I have noticed about money is that it can be a vehicle for the projections of all kinds of emotions and feelings that people don’t want to admit to – indeed, one of the reasons why people are ashamed of having money is because they associate it with criminality or moral corruption.

(No wonder, really, when you think about it – that’s a view which has been put forward by religious and moral authorities for centuries.)

We have to accept that money is neutral.

It’s only an energy (or a commodity). It’s the means to buy great happiness – and it can be the means to great misery as well, depending on how it’s used.

Law of attraction quotes
Law of Attraction works for you because you are a part of the universal energy flow.

The fact you are reading this shows you are a spiritually evolving human being. So if you want to manifest a new reality with Law of Attraction principles, you already have some sensitivity and awareness.

To that extent, I offer you the following information and advice about how you can manifest money:

  • First of all, there is enough money and abundance out there for everybody, because it revolves in an endless cycle, moving from one person to another.
  • In fact, the more that money flows from one person to another, the more potential there is for it to manifest in your life since the cycle is moving more quickly.
  • Money is not inherently good or bad, it’s just a commodity.
  • But money certainly is a possible route to buying a lifestyle which makes you happy or the things that can make you happy.
  • Money is also the route to being able to do huge amounts of good in the world.
  • Money is a route to supporting people in need of your help.
  • Money is a passport to opportunities you would never previously imagined being open to you.
  • Endless amounts of money – literally infinite amounts of money – are waiting to be manifested in the space-time continuum, the cosmic consciousness.
  • You can tap into this flow by changing your thinking and desiring an outcome about the wealth that manifest in your world.
  • Law of Attraction works to give you that which you think about most often and with greatest intensity.
  • So if you think about wealth and abundance, your finances will begin to change.

You need to do this for 30 days at least, because that’s the time in which the human brain adapts to a new behavior or thinking pattern.

So for 30 days you can visualize manifesting money several times during the day by entering into a state of absolute belief about your right to have money.

You need to energize this visualization to propel it out into the universe and give it some traction.

The best way to energize it is by visualizing the things you can do with money that would give you great joy and happiness.

If you want to try something else, it’s also possible to energize your thoughts with anger; if you do this then you need to focus on the anger about the lost opportunities or the treatment that you received by the people who handed you your poverty consciousness. Anger is a very powerful emotion for manifesting a new reality.

Retraining your thought processes will take 30 days, but if you do the following routine every day then you will succeed in manifesting more money:

What you need to do is to come up with series of affirmations about wealth that suit you, and that fit with your belief system, so that you can confidently and happily recite them every day.

Suitable mantras that would encourage the manifestation of money include:

  • Law of attraction is working for me and every day now I become richer and richer.
  • Law of attraction is a reality and I’m using it to create greatness and abundance within my own life.
  • Law of attraction is a reality that helps me to manifest wealth in everything I do.
  • I recognize that wealth is not just about money it is also about spiritual expression and health.
  • I recognize that wealth encompasses every aspect of my being and grows greater and greater every day.
  • My connection to wealth grow stronger and stronger with everything that I do and I recognize my value and worth.
  • I am a worthwhile being and I understand that I have the right to as much of the abundance that flows passed me in my life as any other man or woman on this planet.

So go out and do the things that you would normally do – you don’t have to think about money every day and every minute of every day. Just make sure you keep the idea of abundance in your consciousness for long enough for it to manifest!

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