The Law Of Attraction, Time and Space

The Magic of Manifestation

I think everyone knows how time can appear to pass quickly or slowly depending on how absorbed you are in what you’re doing.

I think a lot of people will also know how time appears to go faster as we get older. And yet, in childhood, time seems to be endless.

So time is a very subjective thing – and I guess none of us quite know what it is. We describe it by referring to a sequence of events that have occurred in the past or by our expectations of what will occur in the future.

Yet there is no absolute by which we can measure time – either in our perceptions, or, it would seem, in reality….

For in 1905 Einstein came up with the theory of relativity, which basically says that space and time are intertwined in such a way that they form a fourth dimension – and also that time is flexible, depending on the parameters within which you measure it.

As Einstein put it, “The distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.”

So what are the implications of this statement for us, in our world today, as we try to manifest what we want?

For example, could time just be an illusion, or something that is produced by our consciousness? In the timeless void, the universal intelligence, from which everything appears to manifest, does time exist at all?

Video – The Illusion of Time

Explaining The Law

If you’ve read the previous post on this blog, you’ll have come across the concept of the Divine Matrix, which is one way we could explain how manifestation and Law of Attraction work.

If our universe, and everything that we experience within it, are indeed held within the Divine Matrix, one implication is that the part of our mind which can access the universal intelligence is not bound by time or space.

You’ve probably experienced moments that seem like telepathy, or extraordinary coincidences which can’t be explained in any rational way, for example where you meet another person who you’ve been thinking of, or when events occur in such an extraordinarily synchronistic way that it just doesn’t seem possible….

Maybe at these moments, the Divine Matrix is in operation, and your consciousness has somehow moved into a different realm, one in which everything is known to everyone.

Science has provided some evidence which suggests this could well be true – even the US government has officially investigated psychic phenomena, and distant viewing. (Perhaps unsurprisingly, the CIA has investigated the use of psychic phenomena to see if they could help in investigations of all kinds.)

The results of these experiments are unambiguous – they demonstrate that even when we as individuals are physically separate from each other, there is still some way in which we can instantaneously communicate with each other.

You’ve probably experienced something like this yourself: call it telepathy, call it ESP, call it what you may, there’s a function of the human mind which goes beyond the limits of our everyday consciousness.

Law Of Attraction
We are all connected, and all part of the divine in our ability to interact

Indeed, investigations by the US military have demonstrated several different forms of what we could call telepathic communication. Although these projects have now been shut down, the very fact they existed in the past demonstrates support for the concept of the Divine Matrix and the holographic connections which may exist between us.

Creating & Attracting New Reality 

It won’t come as any surprise to you, I’m sure, to learn that many indigenous peoples have long believed there is a form of connection between people and the universe in which they live.

Indigenous peoples often live in a world where everything is alive, connected, and happening in an instant that is known as “now” in our world.

Take the Hopi Indian people: what has manifested, according to their traditional beliefs, are possibilities chosen by people in the past.

And since everything that will manifest in the future comes from the possibilities which exist now and always have existed, the future is indeterminate.

The Nature Of Time and Appealing Ideas

Which raises the interesting question – what exactly is time? Is it malleable, can it be changed, and are events that happen in the timeline changeable?

Explaining the Law of Attraction principles
Is it time for you to succeed in attracting what you want?

We all think of time as something immutable moves in one direction from past through the present to future, and according to this perspective, the world and what’s already happened in it, is fixed in the fabric of space and time.

But – – – what if the choices you make today might actually change what happened in the past?

It’s a phenomenal idea, quite mind-boggling in fact, but there is good scientific evidence from experiments on Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle that what we expect to happen can influence physical reality in a timeline that goes backwards. (If you studied high school physics, you might remember Heisenberg demonstrated that the presence of an observer can influence the outcome of an experiment, even after the experiment has started.)

It’s complicated stuff, but it’s explained in Greg Braden’s book, The Divine Matrix,  which I highly recommend if you’re interested in pursuing these ideas.

One objection I have to taking scientific evidence and using it in support of the theory of the Divine Matrix is that these scientific experiments were conducted on subatomic particles. Obviously there’s a massive difference between those experiments and the world in which we live.

So, as Greg Braden asks: does this effect apply only to quantum particles, or does it pertain to us as well? (The Divine Matrix: Bridging Time, Space, Miracles, and Belief March 2010 edition, paperback, page 135.)

Well. What a fascinating question. It certainly has some serious implications for the Law of Attraction.

For example, Braden suggest that our consciousness might actually be the glue that keeps us locked into the wars, the suffering, the poverty and disease that we perceive as our reality.

On the other hand, let’s not discount the possibility, he suggests, that we are already changing our past as we learn from our mistakes.

But regardless of whether or not what we do now has any impact on what’s happened in the past – and I’m sure many of us would like to believe that it does – the truth is that what we do now certainly determines the present and the future in some way.

More to the point, the psychic experiments which have been conducted over recent decades demonstrate very clearly that the emotional aspects of our consciousness are the ones which control how the Divine Matrix operates and probably determine how easily we can connect with it.

So if the language of emotion is indeed the way we connect with the Divine Matrix, how do we know when it answers us? We shall look at that in the next post.