Law of Attraction – What You Need To Know!

Each and every element of your life comes to you by virtue of the all-powerful Law of Attraction.

Limits On Getting What You Wish For

However, the way the Law works for you will always be governed – indeed limited – by what you believe about yourself, which more less represents the story you tell the world about your life.

Your wealth, monetary assets, your physical state of health, your work environment, exactly how you are treated by others, your level of fulfillment, and — undoubtedly — the joyousness (or lack of it!) of your life experience as a whole, yes, all of it, is the outcome of the beliefs you hold and the way you think. (See this for an assessment of how much of our personality is genetic and how much acquired by experience.)

So if you improve the quality of the story about your life which you tell the world every day, your life will certainly become an ever-improving experience.

That’s how Law of Attraction works!

law of attraction and the secret
Truly, the universal energy can manifest reality for you…

We all have the capacity to achieve a lot more success, doing everything that every person ever suggested we should do; for most people, though, the success  they are looking for is been slow to come. Check what Abraham Hicks has to say on the subject here.

For many, thinking hard, learning all the right ideas, being in the right place, and so on, does not seem to make manifestation work…. so let me ask you this….

Previously in your life, when you were first dipping your toe into the murky pool of what you heard about the Law of Attraction, did you find fulfillment by following what others mapped out as the rules for success?

Children absorb everything they receive - including limiting beliefs which will stop them ever manifesting an abundant life.
Children absorb everything they receive uncritically – including limiting beliefs which will stop them ever manifesting an abundant life.

The instructors, moms and dads, teachers, mentors, and coaches, seemed to know all the answers as they laid out their policies for success: “Always be on time; consistently do your finest; bear in mind the need to work hard; always be truthful; strive for achievement; go the additional mile; there’s no gain without discomfort; and, most important, never give up.”

Yet, in time, your satisfaction probably lessened as their concepts of success — regardless of just how hard you attempted to succeed — did not produce results.

And it may have been a lot more discouraging when you stood back to gain some perspective and you recognized that their concepts were not, for the most part, bringing them any real success either!

Then, to make matters even worse, you started meeting others (who plainly were not complying with those guidelines) and who WERE attaining success – without using the formula that you had been so attentive to discover and to employ in manifestation.

So, what’s taking place? The answer is that education is not the path to knowing how to successfully manifest a good life. Nor is wealth. (We all know a millionaire who quit high school! We all know a family where the breadwinner worked hard and the family died poor.)

And if you ask “Why does my hard work no pay off for me the way those law of attraction gurus promised it would?” you are missing the point.

Attracting What You Want:
An Unconscious Process

When you are doing everything you can to bring yourself success, and you find yourself poor; when you try hard to prosper and do everything possible to achieve wealth, yet it evades you, rest assured that the lack of what you desire is because you are not using the right techniques to bring success through deliberate manifestation.

How To Attract Financial Success

The subject of cash and economic success touches most of us hundreds of times a day, but generally we are not thinking of prosperity – we are thinking of lack.

By changing your energy you are able to effectively manifest time, cash or monetary success, purposely assist your thoughts, and improve every aspect of your life.

And if you would like to consciously develop your understanding of Law of Attraction , that choice will certainly serve you well.

You are in your body – an amazing and fulfilling existence. This offers many exciting possibilities for growth.

This principle can be correlated with the Hindu and Buddhist idea of karma. The Buddha himself made use of the concept of karma to identify the disparity in the lives of humans. Buddha thought that the disparity was the outcome of our human activities, both previous and present.

That is how Law of Attraction works. In short: your reality is the outcome of how you use the law, consciously or unconsciously, and this fact draws parallels from the Buddhist law of vibration.

The Buddhists think that everything transfers vibrations. Ideas are no exception; favorable ideas are believed to vibrate at a higher frequency than unfavorable ones.

The regularity of each believed it sent back at exactly the same frequency. This ideology coincides with the Buddhist belief in Dharma. Dharma in the Buddhist world is the natural state of nature.

Buddha thought that the regulation of Dharma consistently dominates, so if you produce hateful or angry sensations they will just return to you as human suffering.

The viewpoint that man becomes what he thinks has been curated by various societies and religions in different ways, but the basic concept has always existed.

In New Age terms, in the western world, the first persona to write about the law of attraction and co-creation was Prentice Mulford. The most prominent book created by Mulford was released in 1889.

Robert Collier was another pioneer writer on Law of Attraction concept. Collier wrote 2 books, The Secret of the Ages and The Secret Power. The link to today’s most prominent and influential book The Secret is clear!

Collier said: “The initial concept of success is need – recognizing what you want”, he said. But the expression “law of attraction” does not show up till the very early twentieth century. William Walker Atkinson, a New Age author with a keen passion in the Hindu religion, is believed to be the first author to use the term Law of Attraction.

Walker released two publications in 1906, one was entitled, Dynamic Thought or the Law of Vibrant Energy. The other publication released that very same year was called, Idea Vibration or Law of Attraction in the Ideal World.

Another profoundly influential publication released in the twentieth century, was The Science of Getting Rich, by Wallace D Wattles. Released in 1910 the book expands on the concept that our thoughts materialize in our lives.

Then came The Master Secret System written by Charles Haanel in 1912. He said that concentration, good thinking and favorable activity will result in success and achievement in any type of endeavour. Haanel believed in the innovative power of thought.

Think and Grow Rich was the major influence on all subsequent authors.
Think and Grow Rich was the major influence on all subsequent Law of Attraction authors.

Napoleon Hill wrote his guide, Think and Grow Rich, on the basis of The Master Secret System. Think and Grow Rich was published in 1928 and is prominent to this day. The premise of the book is that if one has true intention, faith, desire and mindful belief, then one can accomplish any sort of goal.