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Law Of Attraction Failure?

Despite appearances, a question you might ask yourself is whether or not the Law of Attraction is in fact working for you – and you’re simply missing the manifestations it’s bringing about.

For instance, if you have a very specific desire as your objective, you might be getting mad at the universe for not bringing it to you.

Yet what about the possibility that you are being given steppingstones on the way to your objective and you’ve simply missed them.

There may be things you need to know, things you need to do, places you need to go, and understandings to reach, before you can “receive” your final objective.

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It’s entirely possible for the universe to take it step-by-step: so although your ultimate objective is not falling easily into your life, you may experience a series of manifestations which are gradually taking you towards your objective.

At each moment in this process what happens to you reflects where your energy and expectations are right now.

AND! If the general movement of your manifestations is in the direction of your desired outcome, then you’re obviously on track and you’re getting more and more aligned with your desired outcome.

Suppose that you are trying to get into an ideal relationship, and you keep meeting people you think are absolutely right for you, and you always get on well with them, but when you finally ask them out, you get rejected.

You might well get annoyed at the Law of Attraction or the universe because you think they are “playing” with you, but the reality is somewhat different:  Law of Attraction really is working for you, and these encounters are signs of the progress you’re making.

These are all good things, all positive signs, and all show that you’re on the right track. Accept them as they are, open up to receive, raise your expectations and your energy, and your desired objective will be with you before you can imagine.

a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step
A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

And of course you can do something about this yourself. It’s entirely possible to accept that whatever happens to you, even if it appears to be a failure, is really something designed to move you further towards your objective.

You’ve probably heard the expression “your greatest success comes one step beyond your greatest failure”.  The real meaning of this is that you still have things to learn before you’re capable of holding the energy of your desired outcome.

It’s not true that your greatest success comes one step beyond your greatest failure!

What is true, however, is the possibility that when you experience something which looks like tragedy or failure, you can learn a lesson that is absolutely necessary for you to handle the success which is waiting for you, just around the next corner.

Of course things like this can shake your trust in the principles of law of attraction and its capacity to give us what we want, and since we only want to experience things that are “good” in our terms, it’s sometimes hard to realize the wisdom of what the universe is doing.

And that’s why you have to understand that in universal terms, there’s no such thing as good or bad. There are only experiences.

What looks to you like a bad experience on the human level can be all about learning what’s necessary to allow you to experience much greater success.

So if loads of unwanted experiences are suddenly cropping up in your life, and this doesn’t make sense to you, since you’re doing all the right things, the things recommended by the “experts”, remember there is a good reason for this.

In fact, this is a good thing! You’re shifting your energy, and the obstacles that have been standing in your way are being blown apart by the change in your mental attitude.

And how about the idea that when negative problems or issues arise, you’re actually doing something even more interesting and subtle: you’re releasing the blocks to success by working through them with the help of the universe.

There’s good in everything – even when it appears to be fundamentally negative, an experience can show you another side to your vision that you previously hadn’t understood, and this in turn can help you refine and perfect your vision so it becomes – on a soul level – what you really do want to experience.

You have to understand also that the universe has billions of possible ways of bringing about the things you want to experience in your life.

In fact, left to its own devices, the universe has an infinite number of possible options available around how it may deliver what you want.

But when you have an expectation about how things should be done, and you insist on this or that being part of the process, you severely restrict the universe’s ability to bring about what you want.

Indeed, it is possible that if you specify the minutiae of how you want things to happen or even what you want to have happen, then you’ll stop the process working altogether because the universe’s freedom to bring together in a synchronistic way the events and people and places necessary to achieve a certain outcome has been curtailed.

You can’t second-guess the universe. And you can’t mess with the “cursed hows”.

If you’re trying to do this, you need to modify your approach, so that your deepest values and beliefs are aligned with what you wish to achieve on the “real-world” level.

For example if you want to live a particular lifestyle, you may need to let go of the people in your life at the moment.

Why? Because the people around you right now might be restricting your ability to move into the place you want to occupy.

Truth is, when you want to change, or start to change, all kinds of anchors and resistances around you will hold you back. Letting them go may be essential before you are able to move into the place where you really want to be.

In almost all cases you will recognize when something that looks like an obstacle is a stepping stone.

As Napoleon Hill said, “Every adversity does indeed contain the seed of a greater benefit.”

For instance if your boyfriend leaves you, or if you feel you have to leave your boyfriend, then it’s almost certainly he wasn’t the right person to accompany you on your journey anyway.

In brief and to sum this up, when you’re trying to manifest an improved version of your life, in which you are surrounded by what you really desire, you will inevitably have to let go of many of the things present in your life right now. 

And sometimes, if you don’t get this message, the universe will force understanding on you by making it obvious that change has to happen – and if you resist such change, you will probably suffer in some way, emotionally, physically or spiritually. And worse, you won’t get what you want.

Bottom line here:  extract the wisdom from whatever happens to you. And also, of course, trust that you’re moving towards your objective.

It is not possible to go backwards. But it is possible to stagnate if you resist change, or if you let pessimism and disbelief overwhelm you.

Finally, don’t forget that you’ve held a certain number of beliefs about yourself and the world around you for decades – since the moment you were born in fact.

Some of these, particularly the ones you aren’t even conscious of, the ones which are the very essence of your being, are going to have to change or be released before you can move forward in life.

All of this means you need to work with the Law Of Attraction on the process of manifestation in a way which feels good for you. You need to take the steps for which you are ready. You need to avoid taking steps for which you are not prepared, or for which the universe has not prepared you.

In other words, everything has its time, and there is a season for all things.