Why It Doesn’t Work!

Anyone who is interested in the Law of Attraction will also – somewhat inevitably, I think – be attracted to any information about why it isn’t working.

That’s an admission, or if you prefer, an acceptance of the fact that Law of Attraction promises often fail to live up to their billing.

You may find that there are times when your Law of Attraction doesn’t work for you, or certainly doesn’t appear to be working in your favor, or perhaps even seems like it’s putting blocks in your way.

At times like this it’s really important to remember that the Law of Attraction is completely neutral. It’s impartial, and it doesn’t favor one objective over another.

Obviously, therefore, the implication is that if your manifestation isn’t working, then something you’re doing or not doing is causing a problem.

Please don’t take that as blame. There have been far too many authors all too ready to blame well-meaning individuals who are trying to use Law of Attraction for their own good, when they fail to get what they want.

I’d rather see this as a matter of you applying too much “human expectation” to it.

It’s natural for us to think the universe is holding out on us, because either we have done something wrong, or because we don’t deserve what we’re asking for, or perhaps even doling out some kind of punishment.

And even if you don’t believe that, you might well think that you hold limiting beliefs which prevent the universe from giving you what you want.

The Law Of Attraction Is Impartial

So first of all please keep in mind that the universe isn’t punishing you, in any way shape or form. It doesn’t have an opinion (or even the capacity to form an opinion) on what you want.

You see, your mind is creating your objective, and your mind is sending out your desires into the universe.

Therefore, if they’re not wholehearted desires, or you don’t believe in their manifestation, then they aren’t likely to appear in your life.

Law of attraction can get you all you wish for.
Law of attraction can get you all you want.

Bottom line: you have complete control over what manifests in your life, and if you are not getting it, then you need to tweak the way you are using Law of Attraction concepts and principles.

Why Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work

I regret to say this, because so many people in life find it hard to be positive, but negativity is not helpful to manifestation.

The essence of the universal energy of manifestation is love, joy, and happiness. For some reason negativity, whether that comes in the form of negative beliefs or negative feelings, seems to impede the process of manifestation.

I think it’s quite obvious that if you believe that you’re always going to be poor, or you come from a poor background which dictates your future, or that you’re not worth very much, then it’s going to be hard for you to manifest great deal of money.

But the same is true in almost any field of your existence.

One of the reasons why it’s important to feel positive is because manifestation takes a lot of emotional energy – you have to project your energy out into the universe along with your desires.

And you will find it easier to project this out in the form of positive energy, because we all know the intensity of joy, happiness and gratitude, which you’ve probably seen recommended many times as the best energy to support your use of the Law of Attraction in manifestation.

Unfortunately you can’t just ignore your negative feelings and focus on the positive.

Video -Accentuate the Positive

When people get something they really don’t want, or they get something that is definitely different to what they asked for, it could be because their expectations and beliefs about life and about themselves are negative.

If you’ve been working on gratitude happiness and joy, have you really been feeling good about yourself and the world around you? If not, then you obviously have issues you haven’t yet acknowledged.

You may need to deal with these before you will be successful at manifesting reality.

Taking Action Too Soon

Another problem people run into in the early days of their experience of manifestation is that they think success is all about action.

That’s not surprising because many of us live lives that are very busy – our lives are, in one sense, all about action.

But on the other hand, when you’re trying to manifest something using Law of Attraction concepts, perhaps you need to consider the possibility that action is the last thing you engage in!

You see, the first steps manifestation certainly involve things that are not about action at all:

  • Getting clear on what you want.
  • Being sure that you are passionate about what you want
    aligning your visualization with your desired outcome.
  • Summoning up positive energy to projected out into the universe.
  • And – you will note – last of all, doing something, taking some kind of action, that gives the Universal Intelligence the best opportunity to bring it to you.

Now, just think about this for a moment.

What we’re saying here is that you can get whatever you want provided you’re energetically aligned with your desired outcome.

Of course this is an enticing prospect and it might make you want to take action immediately.

But not only do you need to align your energy with your visualization, you also need to be prepared to receive.

And you need to release and let go, and accept that the universe will manifest whatever you desire….. provided you’re not too attached to the outcome!

These are energetic and psychological issues, and very different from physically taking action in the world to bring some result about.

If you’re in the right state of mind, energetically, you probably won’t need to do as much as you think you might to get what you want. Mysterious coincidences start to happen, your actions begin to feel “good”, and the things that happen will be shocking and startling.

So when you do take action, make sure that what you’re doing makes you feel good. Don’t do something that scares the pants off you, and don’t do something that is against your basic values.

You see, some authors, writers and coaches on the Law of Attraction have said that what you MUST do is take massive irreversible action – burn your bridges, as it were.

But this is futile and often dangerous. You do not have to abandon your current life, or throw it out of the window, before you can start manifesting something different.

For example: you hate your job. Massive action might be to resign today.

But do you really think that’s wise? It’s going to induce enormous amounts of fear, and you will lose your income. Unless you had absolutely 100% certain knowledge that another, much better, job was waiting for you, it would be downright foolish to do anything so rash.

In general the better approach is to take baby steps to finding a new job: and only you know what those steps might be, because the circumstances of your life are particular to you.

Another example: if your marriage is unhappy, and you’re not in danger, don’t walk out of the door tonight unless you can support yourself. 

What we’re saying here is that trying to move fast using the Law Of Attraction when your energy is not truly aligned with your desired outcome may make things more challenging, not less.

And although some people think you have to reach the lowest point in your life before you can begin to move upwards, that isn’t true. Small steps are often best when you’re trying to manifest a different reality.